About Puerto Princesa City
Attractions, Sceneries & Activities
Puerto Princesa City is located at the mid-section of the long strip of the palawan island province in the philippines. It is the capital of palawan, considered as a first class city famous for its crocodile farms, underground rivers, white sand beaches and diving spots.
UNDERGROUND DRIVER is one of the "New 7 Wonders of Nature". The park has a limestone karst mountain landscape with an 8.2 km navigable underground river. The park has a range of forest formartions representing 8 of the 13 forest types found in tropical Asia. Birds comprise the largest group of vertebrates found in the park. Of the 252 bird species to occur in Palawan, a total o165 species of birds were recorded in the park. (Source: Wikipedia; Image Source: www.fancyexpeditions.com)

is comprised of several islets with shallow reefs bordering wonderful beaches which have become the much loved swimming, snorkeling and diving destinations of local residents and tourists. The best recognized islands of honda bay are cowrie, bat, canon, pandan, starfish lu-li island, senorita island, meara marina and arreceffi island which contains the world famous dos palmas beach resort. (Source: www.philippinecountry.com; Image Source: www.discoverphilippines.eu)

is an institute for the protection of wildlife that is found in Puerto Princesa City. Formerly known as tghe crocodile farming institute, it features a crocodile farm, a veterinary care facility specializing in sick and injured crocodiles, and a mini zoo that features various species endemic to Palawan. (Source: Wikipedia; Image Source: www.getfoxy.com)

is also known as the prison without bars, where inmates live and work as free men, engaged in a variety of agro-industries such as farming, handicrafts and woodcrafts. it is considered as one of the popular tourist destination in puerto princesa city. Tourists are welcome to enjoy a variety of activities such as cruising, fishing in the iwahig river and firefly watching. (source : www.daigdigpinoy.com; Image Source : Rita Willaert)
is a cathedral located at the heart of Puerto Princesa City. It is part of the city's tourist destinations because of its historic background and stunning and well preserved edifices. It used to be a small church during the spanish occupation circa 1872. (Source: www.pinoytraveler.com; Image Source: www.apple101.com.my)

is the city's version of the Manila baywalk. With its picturesque sunset and sunrise, you will be able to witness a kaleidoscope of the sky which is always different from day to day. A picture perfect scene of landscape and seascape that will leave every visitor in awe. (Source: www.pinoylakwatsa.blogspot.com; Image Source: www.lakwatserangmatipid.com)

is one of the newest attractions offered by the city. it features long snouted spinner dolphins (locally knowan as lumba lumba) at play at the waters of puerto princesa bay. These lovely and intelligent cetaceans abound in the bay because it is safe from the intrusion of illegal fishers.
(Source : www.2009jcinatcon.wordpress.com; Image Source: www.quingdom.com)

FIREFLY WATCHING is a community based sustainable tourism program that takes place in the Iwahig river covering a distance of 1.5 km for approximately 30-45 minutes ride. Fireflies are indicative of a well balanced eco-system and effectively suggests that an area is habitable and a healthy place to live in. With this tour, one will appreciate the beauty of these small planktons and together with the stars gives you a peaceful and serene ambience. (Image Source: www.corontopacetours.com)
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